About Me


My name is Arianna. I’m graduate of MIT, with a Course 21E Bachelor of Science degree: Engineering in Material Science and Anthropology. I used to live in Random Hall, one of MIT’s undergraduate dorms in Cambridge. If you want to know more about Random Hall, check out the Random Hall page and blogI work at Boston University, doing research and managing the subscriptions for our DAR research team. I’m also taking graduate classes to better prepare myself for all the exciting things ahead of me. I am now living in an apartment in Cambridge.



This blog is a place where I share advice oriented about improving yourself and achieving your dreams.  My advice focuses on college students, getting into college, achieving in college and reaching your dream job!
IMG_1119I came up from nothing - you can watch a video about me and my past here - and I don't want anyone to go through the same struggles that I did. This blog is intended to help people achieve their dreams. It really is possible with luck and guidance. Through work and luck, I was able to attend MIT for four and a half years on full scholarship. You can view some of what I've accomplished on my resume.

Proudly, I have earned a 4.2/5.0 GPA at MIT; I'm excited to share the learning process that went into this accomplishment. I've figured out how to do some of it -life, work, school, self - and I want to share the process of figuring it all out!

 I share some of my academic writing. I am studying anthropology within my major and minor in history theory and criticism of art and architecture. The writings I share here is intended to address issues I face, within a context of academic theory - especially feminism. I hope that the writings I share here can both help me to improve and help you to improve. These writings can give you a sense of the work and progress provided by a challenging education. Plus, I gain a lot from writing for an audience - You! I also talk about my small cat. Prilla is a shelter cat from the MSPCA. She was a teen mom living out on the streets until the MSPCA found her. All her kittens were adopted before her. She languished in ill humor. Finally, I adopted her, whisking her away to Random Hall and then to my off campus apartment. Prilla is a laid back cat with plenty of nick names: Prilla-illa, Prills, Meow-ster, Loser cat, Bae, Cat (Breakfast at Tiffany's style), and more. Her least favorite nick name is Cow from when she had her tummy shaved from neutering and her black spots gave her a particularly unfashionable cow like look.

My second beautiful fur child, Toothless, is named after the dragon from How to Train Your Dragon. She really does have all her teeth and she also has an oversize sense of adventure. She loves to murder my plants and try to smell people – and cats’ – butts. She too is a rescue kitty, from the Canton Cat Rescue. She’s a bit of a high energy ball of destruction, but she’s glad to be here on the blog too!

Reach Out!

If you have questions or want advice about MIT and admissions, check out some of my Youtube videos or drop me an ask on my Tumblr. I'd be more than happy to give you advice or just wish you luck. Any questions or requests for advice are welcome!You can also email me at
I'm into all sorts of geeky things: watching anime, Victoriana, reading with a bit of tea, and drawing. I paint landscapes and portraits, constantly improving. I hope to one day work as an art conservator. I enjoy challenging myself to try new techniques and share my work. I hope that I can share a lot of my hobbies and interests with you guys, maybe even get to know some of you better!
For now, I am doing my best as a research coordinator, learning the best ways to manage and store our files on alumni and donors, haggling with vendors for a budget over $100,000 annually, and making sure we never run out of cough drops as the Boston winter closes in.