Friday, December 28, 2012

Yesterday, I went with a friend to the Boston Ballet's Nutcracker.

We got dressed up to go! We were very worried about what would be appropriate to wear, even if the Boston Ballet doesn't have a dress code. My friend didn't really want to get dressed up since it was storming earlier in the day. Boston has way to much rain, especially after getting back from Miami.

Here's what I wore:
This coat is from Fan plus Friend. I really do love it; it's very warm. It has lovely corset detailing on the back. The coat has removable fur which makes it a good changing piece from OTT lolita to dressy wear. It was super sweet when a lady complimented me on it at the ballet. 
My only warning would be that it's not water proof. This was a shame since as we walked out of the show it started snowing!
I'm wearing a long scarf underneath to keep my neck nice and cozy.

This was my outfit. I'm super happy with it.
The dress is from Miss Selfridge. I love their dresses and petite section. Also wore one of their dresses for Christmas and people really liked it. 

A close up of my accessories and the program. 
My favorite part of the outfit has to be the earrings: Aren't they totally fitting for the Nutcracker? If I remember correctly they're by Betsey Johnson. I've had them for a while and look forward to bringing them out for Christmas.

Here I am at the Boston Opera house right before the show starts. 

The building was absolutely gorgeous. I hope to go there again to see another ballet, possibly one with less children. But there is a certain joy to seeing families going out to enjoy the arts. So many adorable girls in dresses!

The ballet itself was lovely. We had balcony seats and could see quite well. I'd seen the Nutcracker once before when I was quite little. The only thing that I remembered of it was the fight between the nutcracker and the mice as well as the dancing teddy bear. This show was so spectacular that it put those memories to shame. The dresses throughout the show were gorgeous and suited the beautiful craft of the stage so well. The dancing was amazing. I think my favorite part was the French Pastorale in act two as well as the amazing dances done by the Snow Queen. She was gorgeous at the end of Act One as snow fell down as she brought to life the winter season. I was absolutely enraptured by the Sugar Plum Fairy's dance with her King before the court- from costuming to the finale, she was a beauty to behold. 

Also, I loved the fresco for the court, designed by Robert Perdziola. His imaginings are graceful and brought a warmth to the stage.

The Sugar Plum Fairy

Hopefully, I'll go to see another ballet!