Saturday, August 9, 2014


Today I'm going to Otakon!

I couldn't sleep at all last night. Too many rushing thoughts and excitement!

I'm going to a tea party from 12-3pm. I'm so excited! I've wanted to go to the tea party for the past two years but was never able to reserve a ticket in time. Now that I'm going, it's just so exciting to see all of the planning and excitement that's building up. Each day I see more and more of the planning and prizes posts on Facebook and my joy has become frenzied. Look at these beautiful floral decorations for the tea party!


I haven't picked out any panels for sure since I don't know how long picking up the badge or post- tea party chatting will go on for. For sure, I want to leave time to go through the artist booths and Dealer's room. I'm going to try and save my pocket book from any pain, but I still want to walk around. I'd be down there anyway for the Art show/auction.

I'm leaving around 10pm. Don't want anyone to fall asleep on the car ride back!

At this point, I feel like I go to cons less for the official events and more for the people. For five years now, I've attended the con. The fosters think it's a little strange that I migrate down for this, but have come to expect me and my strange outfits once a year. Looking back at the photos, I'm struck by the creativity and passion that con goers dedicate. Forward looking:After five years, it'd be a shame to combo break? I remember two years ago gasping at the announcer saying he'd attended Otakon for a decade. But I'm already at the half way point! I hope that I can keep attending as Otakon as it moves into DC in 2017 and maybe even past that. Friends and family laughingly ask when I'm going to outgrow the con, but the con really just keeps growing with me! The move to DC (and a metro stop) would certainly be more convenient for me. Guests, panels, and concerts get more exciting and prestigious each year. Growing with the con is such a strange and bizarre experience.  I'm so excited to go and get to share my experience - and excitement - with everyone!

This weekend is turning out to be overbooked with exciting things. Really! Friday morning was spent playing a game of telephone transfer with Pottery Barn customer service on behalf of Abuela. Friday evening the fosters & co returned from their vacation tail end in Miami. So happy to have them back! Today is Otakon. I can't even predict the excitement that will fall into a too short time frame. Tomorrow I'm meeting up with high school friends and then going to see the Lion King! Oh I just can't wait to be king!