Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Experiencing the Insurmountable: Progress

First, I’m getting back into the swing of things.  This semester has been a bit difficult, not because of the course work, but because I’m dealing with difficulties. At last, I’m not playing mother or otherwise being giving my energy to others who don’t have their life in order. Of course, that means that finally I am forced to attend to my own injuries and needs. No small task. 
Now, a lot of things are changing in my life. I’m trying to get a handle on difficulties that seem insurmountable. Some of this process is invisible, a mental and emotional labor that I can’t clearly convey to others. Other parts are very straightforward: an endless slew of appointments, consultations, meetings, medications, and discussions. While I have been working on these issues for years, I am only now seeing some of the major changes. In some cases, this means a problem is gone. In others, by removing the problem of a cheap vermeer, we can see some underlying problems.
SoI’m trying to take responsibility for who I am and becoming who I want to be. Culling out bad habits to make room for improving my skills. Taking care of myself is so much of this growth. I am amazed by how much more comfortable I feel in my own skin since last spring. Truly: draw out the poison in your life. 
ThereforeI do of course want to share this experience through this blog. I am amazed by how long I’ve been blogging and the readership I have. While it’s small on the scale of the internet, it means a lot to me. I want to capitalize on that. I am making some changes about the blog, as such.
Going forward, I’ll be updating both here and on my blogger blog. I think I’ll be updating once a week on this blog as I make some of these changing. I don’t want writing here to be a laborious chore nor do I want my quality to fall in order to meet a self-imposed deadline. I’ll still be posting a mix of advice, life experience, and thoughts.
ReallyI do have some amazing projects and posts queued up. I want to express some of the ideas that have been floating in my mind for so long. I don’t know how to tell you everything that I envision and wish to work on creatively. I feel like taking a bit of a leap of faith to create this.