Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Aria plut Cat: Analysis

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 1.23.42 PM

In March I had 246 viewers.

My most popular blog posts seem to have been the Alternative vs Altering, Boston Marriage Passionate friend, Semester start, and Sol Lewit and Listening

Readers seem to enjoy (or at least click on) posts with either

Feminism on a charged topic


Photo heavy personal posts

I think the post that I'm most proud of is Boston Marriage, Passionate Friend, because I really feel like I put myself and my thoughts out there. I challenged myself to go further with my thoughts; I'm proud of where those new ideas went and developed.


I'm most proud of the Patriarchal Sisterhood pieces that I've written. Again, I pursued my ideas as far as I knew how and tried to really imagine a new way of relating to women.


I'm actually really surprised by how many people from outside the Us are reading this. Hello World!

I wonder if there's something about what I write that attracts many different people or if I should try to figure out issue that seem to relate to events in other countries that are reading. If you're a global citizen, please let me know what you'd want to read!


  • Sort my posts based on topic

  • Cross post key quotes to tumblr

  • Create longer connected series

  • Interact with my readers

  • Take more photos!

Also, when the semester ends, I want to go back and edit some of the writing that I did for my course work to use here. I'm always disappointed when I think that only I and the professor will read the things I write for a course. So I did submit a number of my writings to MIT writing competitions. Also, I'll share the writings here once I am done with term!