Tuesday, July 16, 2013

3 Keys: Through the internship

So you have an internship and you've been there for a while. The glow is wearing off and your familiarity with the copy machine might be starting to wear on your nerves. But you want to keep up the good work you had that first week! You really want to do a great job!

Well there are 3 Key means to make sure you stay on the right track during your internship.

Read more for these 3 tips.

Stay humble 

You are not too educated or too haughty to get coffee, photocopy or do any other menial task. This should be obvious. Stuffing envelopes or entering data into excel spreadsheets may not be what you look forward to in the morning, but it's what you do with a smile once you get to work.

Take a little initiative with these things. If you're entering data, offer to find averages of attendance. Proof read the program of events before you make 500 photocopies. Ask if anyone wants fair trade or organic coffee. These little moments of initiative won't require much from you but will certainly get you noticed.

Perhaps most obvious: don't complain at work. You're welcome to do so to your family and friends off hours. But smile through the day and keep a good attitude.

Stay motivated

No matter what you should be doing you best work. Whether your boss has a bad attitude or the metro wasn't great that morning, you should be doing the best you can. Keep asking for things to do and projects to work on. If you can suggest a new idea, brainstorm against another coworker you feel comfortable with.

Try to avoid negativity at your internship. Appreciate what you can do and the accomplishment that you get out of your assignments.

Keep looking for opportunities. The adrenaline of the first week might have worn off, but the opportunities haven't gone away. Keep looking for them!

Meet with your supervisor

If you can, take the time to meet with your supervisor and get a sense of what you are doing well, how you can improve, and how you can better understand your supervisor's role in the company.

Ask about how your supervisor got into the field, what they enjoy about the company, what trainings they suggest.

Their advice will be very valuable to you - along with the fact that you are showing interest in them and motivation for your career. This can be a good way to work in networking if you're on the less chatty side.