Saturday, July 6, 2013

10 Things You'll Love About Being Home on Break

Let's get back to the positive side after the post of 10 Things you'll miss about college on break!

Lesson: It's good to vent and verbalize the things that bother you, but refocus on the things that you enjoy. Figure out how to add more of the 10 things you love and remove the 10 things you don't.

Read more for the list of 10 things you'll love about being home!

These are the things that I love about being home:
  1. Being with your family
  2. Your own precious bed
  3. Flipping motherfudger kid-cussing
  4. Catching up with local friends
  5. Avoiding dorm drama
  6. Home cooked meals
  7. Early bedtime and good rest
  8. Your own bathroom to arrange as you like
  9. Free laundry for your clothes
  10. No stressful exams
There are so many great things about being home. Being in the place that you grew up and dreams up so many goals can really help to center you, give you energy to keep pursuing what you want to be doing.