Tuesday, October 22, 2013

College Dorm: Dresser Top

Your dresser is something that you look at the start and end of your day. It's the bookend to your routine: Decorate and design it according to how you want to fill your day. In this post, I'll share how I design my dresser top.

Read more to develop your own dresser top


I've written before about Fresh Plants and Flowers. I love to have a little bit of spring time always here with me; I also suggest having fresh growing plants on your dresser. They will clear out the air for your healthy breathing.

Jewelry and Organization

A beautiful jewelry box is more than just a way to store your pretty necklaces: It's a piece of decoration for you. Don't be shy to have more than one box. Play with the different designs that you love.

  • The back black jewelry box is initialed for my first name. I love how the mirrors make the dresser seem larger, reflecting sunlight in the morning. It stores my medications and large bracelets.

  • The golden jewelry box was part of a gift exchange; it was a vintage purchase from Etsy. I use it to store my hair barrettes. 

  • The white jewelry box was also a gift. It is great for organization so it stores most of my jewelry. I love the two level tray that it has.

Try browsing through Etsy to find a jewelry box that suits your needs and budget.

Decoration with Functionality

Of course you need some things that are just cute and gorgeous for their won sake. Sometimes you can incorporate functionality. Other times you just have to embrace decadence for its own sake. 

I love these little glass bunnies! They are so cute and they can hold my rings. I picked them up at Forever 21. I didn't really need them since I don't have many rings, but so cute I couldn't resist.

If you loved the bunny, don't think I've left you without. ModCloth carries a similar bunny ring holder; this one is mirrored rather than glossed glass.

This ring holder also caught my eye. Do you think I should get it? Are any of you tempted by it?