Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5 Good Things About Me

I really like simple affirmations! I don't know what it is about them, but I really enjoy the challenge of coming up with them and the immediacy of something so straightforward. One of my favorites is the "5 good things about me."

Read more for 5 good things about me. I hope that you too create a list of things you love about yourself.

1. I am learning to be a grown up!

So much has changed and progressed in my life. I'm working hard to be a grown up: paying taxes, living in an apartment, cooking for myself, taking care of insurance issues. It's a maze of complicated things but I'm learning to navigate it on my own. I'm slowly gaining confidence by dealing with these small situations on my own. I'm also forming attachments that can last a life time, in friendships and in work.

2. I work hard on what I love.

All of my hard work is going towards having work I enjoy in a home that I love. At last, I can say that! Certainly, it took a long time to identify a goal and figure out how to get there. Seeing the progress that I'm making towards that goal is rewarding. Being able to point to what I've achieved is really affirming for me. While my hard work doesn't always show up in grades, the work is paying off in connections and experience. That's valuable too!

3. I take care of myself.

I'm starting to take better care of my health. While I'm not looking forward to things like taking out my wisdom teeth or the air puff test they do at the optometrist, I'm starting to eat healthier and have regular appointments.

4. I stand by my values.

Slowly but surely, I'm working out what my values are and brining my life into alignment. It's a struggle for sure! But my number one value is safety. I want to keep myself safe and help others stay safe. While it might sound simple it's hard work in the daily to offer support to friends. Difficulty can be found in taking care of yourself too.

5. I am developing a sense of style.

I'm trying out new clothes and make up. Finally, I've stocked up a good collection of work clothes. I also have nice make up. Slowly, I'm building up a collection of jewelry.