Saturday, May 10, 2014

Lovely Diary Calendar App

You can get the app here

This is a lovely diary and calendar application.

I adore the soft watercolor style of the calendar's illustrations. The app is quite straightforward but when first getting used to it there are many pleasant surprises to explore.

Of course, there is a month view, accessed by Diary from the home screen. Your to-do check list and diary entries show up on this calendar as little flowers. You can also change through month, week and day views. Each month has a different illustration.

January looks so snuggly!

You can write diary entries for each day, adding stickers and changing the background to suit your mood for the day. The journal allows you to take photos to keep. You can even record where you were with the map.


The Study Plan section lets you list studies in progress and add details to them. You can even check off these details.


My favorite thing has got to be the Monthly cash function. It is absolutely the best and easy to use money tracker. List your monthly income and common expenditures such as food, traffic, and shopping; the app displays your total.
The drawback is that you can't edit the names of your expenses.

It has many functions beyond just being a diary. I really love it!

It also has a time table which is great for students to keep track of their class schedule.

You can add things to your Checklists. These checklists can be sorted to different categories and given dates.