Saturday, September 3, 2016

Daily Routines

I've finally gotten into a clear daily routine. I show up to work on time, with a variance under 10 minutes. My meals are healthy and even affordable. My friends get to see me on a regular basis; I make sure that I don't isolate even if tired or troubled.

I am trying to slowly add make up to my routine before going to work. I think that this is part of a professional look for my office. It's strange to have my physical appearance so much a part of my job, but I think this simply comes with the setting.

I'm also working on athletics. I want to be fit in the upcoming year. I made a strong resolution and followed it for about 4 months. But I fell behind eventually. I'm starting to build up my strength again, but it's quite painful.

I have periodically been checking in on how I am doing with my goals. I think if I study hard for my classes then I will do very well in achieving them. I'm amazed how a daily routine has built into a sustainable movement towards my goals, even if it does take a bit of conscious effort to keep things in line. I want to keep working on it, both myself and my experiences.

My routine has even expanded to contain health and long term goals. This makes me have a lot of hope.