Saturday, September 10, 2016

Neon Gensis Evangelion: Lesbian Count

For one of my Women and Gender studies / Anthropology classes, I created this presentation. For the choice of topic, I wanted to focus on lesbian identity in Japanese media. Lesbian identities are often  commodified in products like yuri, comics that focus on lesbian relationships for the voyeuristic pleasure of a straight male audience. Neon Gensis Evangelion is interesting as a case study because the series is well known for the Girls - Rei and Asuka - along with the explict male relationship between Shinji and Kaworu. I wanted to refocus on the way that women related to each other, the way that lesbians could visualize their own sexualities within a hyper-popular narrative.

You can view the presentation here!

I wanted to utilized gifs to make the presentation visually exciting and dynamic rather than being a static background. I made this presentation right when Fun Home came out and won the Tony Awards. As far as the style, I also wanted to point out how much fandom and individual women's relationships with the story can expand it into something meaningful.

I am rewatching the show as I do periodically. Every time I watch the show, I find something new to get out of it. Rewatching now, I can relate more to Misato and Ritsuko. The complexities of their professional and personal live is more understood as I age.