Tuesday, April 23, 2013

College Dorm: Under the Bed

One of the most important spaces in a small dorm room is also the most overlooked: the space underneath the bed.

If you have a roommate, stacking the beds can save space. Make sure that both of you are happy with stacking and can agree on who has top bunk.

Maximizing the use of space under a bed is really major. For me, I have saved so much space and can store my bulk purchases underneath the bed.

Storing under the bed

Depending on your bed frame, you may be able to lift up your mattress frame so that there’s more space under. If the frame doesn’t move, try out bed raisers.
Bed raisers can give you more space underneath your bed and come in nice colors. A cheaper option is asking after a few cinder blocks to lift your bed frame.

A few large sealed storage pieces can do you major favors. You’ll need large storage bins to store things for the summer; keeping them under the bed can add utility. I have three large blue plastic storage containers and a wheeled storage container. 

Check out this clear plastic storage container (Amazon, $52) or this large wheeled storage container (Amazon, $62).

Suitcases are great for under the bed, especially since carry ons are easy to fit. Filling a suitcase with out of season clothes or extra stationary doubles the use of space. You can see my purple carry on underneath my bed.

Storing over the bed
Make sure that it’s okay to mount things on the walls before moving ahead with any nails!

Check to see if your dorm or college has a shop. My dorm has a shop, stocked with wood and band saws, which means that building shelving is really easy and convenient.
Prioritize the shelving so that these are things that you will use when waking up and going to sleep but not things that will tempt you to stay up later.

Amazon Wire Shelving $55

Clear plastic or wire shelving is a good idea, allowing you to see all the things you're storing without being overly expensive.