Saturday, April 13, 2013

Staying positive: Lookin' Good

I've realized that a major part of me feeling good about myself is based on feeling that I look good. This spring and summer, my goal is work a routine of healthy self care and trying out a new more outgoing personal style.

Read more to hear about my rationale for this new commitment and the steps that I've broken this major goal down into.

I was raised on the belief that "cleanliness is close to godliness" and that "your body is a temple," so I associate taking care of my body with taking care of my soul. I may not be as spiritual, but the feeling of being clean is still linked with a sense of personal peace and reflection for me. I often spend my shower planning out my day or revving myself up for class.

Looking back on my low points, I see that personal care is one of the first things that I cut out. The sad thing is that removing self care makes it difficult for me to go out and leads to debilitating self criticism. While the first thing to go, self care certainly isn't the last. Cutting down on self care is a rather common thing for people suffering from depression or even just general stress. If you struggle with this, there's a lot of support out there. Even if it's not part of a serious difficulty, it's easy to rationalize exchanging showering time for cramming for a test. Maybe we can challenge ourselves to take better care together!

This year, I made a commitment to improving myself and I catalogued those resolutions in my day planner.
Read my improvement commitments here.)

I want to commit to looking nice, taking care of my appearance, so that I can tackle the world with a more outgoing personality.

  • My goal is to shower daily, taking the time to shampoo, condition, exfoliate, and just enjoy the process of getting clean.
  • I will try to do my hair well, so that I feel confident with it. 
  • I want to wear make up on a regular basis rather than "giving up" on my appearance. 
  • My outfits will be things I confidently enjoy rather than things that let me feel slouchy-comfortable. 
  • I will take advantage of my clothes and jewelry that I own. 
  • I should try to feel brave and adventurous trying out new clothes, rather than cautious.