Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fresh Plants and Flowers

I love spring time. I love the way the weather warms up and then takes the time for little spring showers to cool down. We should all take the time to slow down. Going on long walks helps me to breath in that fresh air that gives so much life to everything. Keeping live plants at my desk really warms up my study space, but I sometimes want flowers along with my leafy green. I want to bring into my room more of the spring that is around me.

I've been getting cut flowers to keep in my room. Read more to see the flowers that I've been getting and hear about my experience.

I adored having these flowers in my room. I don't know what it is exactly about flowers that makes my mood soar, but there is something. If I could figure out what it was, I'd bottle it up and use it for every day.

I get flowers at either the grocery store or at the florist. Fortunately, I have coupons for the florist. For those of you worried about cost, most cut flowers last about for one or two weeks. By changing the water regularly with sugar added in, you can extend the flower's lifespan to a tad over two weeks.

My one warning would be that cut flowers have pollen in them. That might seem obvious, but if you have allergies it could be a problem, especially in a small room. Ask the florist which flowers don't have too much pollen.