Saturday, May 11, 2013

Positivity: Spring walks

Moving into May, the weather is finally cooperating with me. I've retired my winter jacket for the year, and brought out some bright spring clothes. More than just revamping my wardrobe, I've been revamping my everyday routines.

For positivity, I've been focusing on walking around in the fresh spring weather.

Read more to welcome spring with me.

Bring Spring Indoors

The key to embracing spring is being out in spring. It starts with opening the windows and buying some fresh fruit. Then I move on to getting fresh flowers. But the real key, the thing that really makes me feel a brighter way, is walking outside.

Look Around Outside

Of course, enjoying your walk outside requires you to look around. Don't just be a member of the fading city in Phantom Tollbooth; look up from your feet while you walk. You don't have to smile at anybody if you don't want to.

Just enjoy the space that you're walking through. If you love your city, appreciate the architecture and bustling people. If you hate your city, look up at the sky and focus on the landscaping. If you love your rural campus, enjoy the wide greens and trees. If you hate the rural, walk around campus close to most of the buildings and guess how many floors each building has.

I used to hate the construction work outside of the Metropolitan Storage, but I started to laugh about it. Seeing the building get cleaner and fresher was what I focused on rather than the dust raining down. Take a different point of view.

Create an Outdoor Routine

Add walks to the everyday routine. Instead of walking across campus inside, I choose to take the outdoor path. If you carpool or ride the subway, try biking for a week. Try walking to the next stop on the route if you take the bus or subway, just to get in a little walking.

Sometimes the outdoor route is a longer route than the "inside" a car/building/subway route. The weather's not guaranteed to be a pleasant 73 degree for your walk so make sure you check to have a the right gear for the weather.

Spring into Adventure

But each walk always gives me a little bit of a smile. It's the risk of rain that makes each morning a little adventure. Walking outside is amazing for your happiness level and relaxation.