Saturday, June 29, 2013

10 Ways to Measure Personal Calm

Working toward calm and contentment is a lifelong pursuit; it requires that you pay attention to the signs of your body and the actions you take based on your emotional state. Like most long term goals, people need to be able to measure their progress. Even your breath can be a way to check in on your emotions, on how calm you are.

These 10 consistent actions and abilities will allow you to measure your progress as you work towards your own personal calm. 

Read more to discover 10 ways to measure your personal calm!

10 Ways to Measure Personal Calm

  1. Crying or smiling based on your inner need to
  2. Controlling your voice and volume
  3. Maintaining calm regardless of others
  4. Pursuing relaxing hobbies and activities that refresh you
  5. Extending kindness
  6. Breathing deeply from the diaphragm
  7. Looking at the present with removal from the past
  8. Acceptance of change
  9. Investing in relationships rather than drama
  10. Being in touch with body, self and soul

For example:

If during a crisis you are crying and taking short breaths, you have lost sight of your personal calm when you most need it. Your body is out of your control: you have let adrenaline and fear control you rather than holding on to your inner peace.

During an argument, keeping your voice at the even level you want it while accepting what the other person says rather than resisting the change they propose- this is a good sign of inner calm! 

Touching base with your body during moments of high stress can help you diagnose where you are emotionally and spiritually are. Compare these two examples and find where you lie on such a spectrum.

Additional Exercise 

Try making a list of things you do when calm and content. Don't think about what others would expect you to do; think of what works for you. Add that list to these goal posts