Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bookcase Search

I'm trying to figure out what book case to order for my new apartment. I have a fair amount of books and figurines that I want to display. Like, a lot of books! Bookcases are an important part of a living room.

That said: I'm struggling with this choice. I don't know if I want to go for a metal style or wooden ones. I like the metal ones because they seem very open and bright. While the wooden ones are darker, they also warm a room.  I'm also not sure if I want to order from Ikea or from Amazon Prime. Whichever site I order from: If I order before the move, I can have the movers put it together for me.

This feels very contemporary to me, but I'm not sure about the asymmetric vertical supports. 

The arched metal looks lovely as does the glass shelving. It's so airy and open!

I would really like these to display my figurines. One is much more expensive but also has more shelves; the metal bottom is pretty too. 

This shelf has so many neat details. The stone seems like a great effect - very elegant. I think this would really define a great place.

King's Brand BK08 Wood Wall Corner 5-Tier Bookshelf Case, Espresso Finish ($70)

This seems great for saving space. I'm going to look at the floor plan to see if I need something like this. I certainly would've loved it when I was in the dorms.

I like the detailing on the side of it. Such an excellent warm color too!
I really want at least one shelf to be able to be closed to dust. This doesn't really feel like a living room piece of furniture, but the drawers are great for hiding mess.