Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cuter Electronics: BLUE Headphones

I love headphones. I can't go anywhere without mine. They're my constant companions when riding the T so I want them to look stylish but be functional.
I've written about my quest for cute headphones before.  But I thought I should give you an update!

Sennheiser Momentum On Ear Headphone I am currently using these Sennheiser headphones. I absolutely love them! They look gorgeous on and the sound quality is amazing. I was totally blown away when I first purchased them; I swear I could hear the band playing in the room with me. The Sennheiser is well known for it's audio quality and these live up: the padding is comfy and cancels out sound. The audio quality is great for a range of music and stands at the top for this price range. They're a bit understated, but people are always asking about them and where I got them. Well, once I take them off, I can hear them asking!

I've had them since last August and have been using them heavily. They come with a lovely travel bag that keeps them very safe but they have also stood up a few trips in my purse without the bag. The cord that they use can also be replaced, if I understand correctly. Which is great if you tend to tangle or if you have a wire-attacking cat like mine!

 These are lovely headphones and they come in such a variety of colors. They're great because they cover your ear but are much slimmer than most styles. My friend has their washable headphones. She uses them for commutes, train rides, in her room, very heavy use. She loves them and feels great about the cleanliness since she practically lives in them. 

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 I have owned these Incipio headphones. In fact, I purchased two pairs! I had my first pair for about a year in high school, wore them everyday and stored them loose in my back pack. Under all the wear and tear, my first pair broke during my first semester of college. That's a year and a half of use out of $35! I would get a lot of compliments for them, with such a bright and unusual color. 

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