Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Creativity as Practice

I am coming to understand that the most important practice is to create. And I mean that as both an individual and as a professional. It is the act of creating that gives an inspiration for further creating. So it is necessary to be in constant motion and thought about motion in rudder to maintain a spark. The motion must be forward and the reflection must be on the past. I must constantly remember what I have learned and how - my past and my identity inform my present product as do the lessons learned in that context. But the motion must always be forward.

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Look back to learn but keep producing. Learning is not discouraging. I have come forward a great distance which means that there is time to rest and time to keep going, because I have given myself space to do both. It is this balance that is important to creating creatively. If the wick burns too quick it is a poor candle. If the wax smothers the flame, then it's a poor candle. You need to pace yourself not to burn out but not move so slowly that you get stymied with lack of production. Both have to be in balance in order to create. This is what preoccupies me.

I understand that I must create and I understand that the great undertaking is maintaining this spark. But I don't quite know how. I think, at the moment, that it is a matter of maintenance, but I look forward to a better understanding of it. I am sure that. I will learn through my failures and my achievements. It's a large thing to dedicate yourself to the keeping of this flame. But I feel it is necessary. Each spark and iteration of creativity is important! There are tips to foster creativity and create opportunities to grow. It's part of the process of growing and helping others to grow. How could you help someone up if you didn't know what it was like to fall? There is no greater task to take on; I am burdened but must learn how to burn off the hesitance and barriers.

I want to keep creating and imagining. I want to help others find their ways of being creative. Create and then create better things.