Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Growing Pains: Rise Up!

Growing up is scary. That's the truth of it - growing is painful. You know how teen boys get growing pains from growing so tall so fast? Or how mothers get stretch marks from growing big enough to hold new life?

Growing pains are a thing for physical and emotional life. 

Growing emotionally can be painful. Sometimes, like a snake, it means shedding your past and baggage. Sometimes, growing into an opportunity can be a challenge of quick growth and movement. Often, it's not going to be without risk. When you are facing a big life decision, the option that allows you to grow isn't going to be painless.

Right now I'm caught up in many painful choices. Oh! Thinking about them makes my head an my heart hurt.

  • What will I do when I graduate? Work? Graduate School?
  • Where will I live? Close to college friends? Go back home?
  • Will I engage with my past? How much?

All of these are big scary questions. And really, they're all question about growth - personal, financial, emotional. Here's the good thing about growth - you don't really go backwards. I got a call from a high school student from my hometown. It was very brief, small talk. I'd be recommended for a small summer job - one that I couldn't take because I'm in Boston rather than Virginia. Brief as it was, I realized something from it. Little things were thrown in stark relief; all the big changes I take for granted were surprising to her. 

When I was considering these changes that are now so small, back then they were big and scary. Thinking about them caused me a lot of worry and confusion. Ultimately, they were opportunities I grew into. Now that growth I take for granted - it's just how big I am.

When you do commit to a growth, it becomes easier. Yes, it's hard at first but at the end, you're standing tall with a whole new view of the world. Grow up! You can do it!