Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cuter Electronics: Touch Screen Compatible Gloves and Mittens

This is another winter themed electronics accessory, to go with the ear muff headphones.
Almost everyone has gloves and it seems like more and more people are getting touch screen compatible gloves. But a lot of those compatible gloves are either made out of ugly looking material or have the those awkward little touchscreen material the pointer and thumb fingertip. I hate how those look, not to mention that I don't always tap right on the functional material.

It doesn't have to be this way. Admire these fashionable gloves that are also smart phone compatible.

I can't take full credit for this post. I asked for lined leather gloves for Christmas and the ones my foster family got me were absolutely adorable. When I opened them, I couldn't believe how cute they were. Plus they had a tag saying they were touch screen compatible! I first wore them to the ballet and was happy to look up directions from the Park T stop while wearing my gloves. Plus my hands stayed super warm while wearing them, even as it started to snow.

I'll try to get the information for them. They gave me the inspiration for this post!

Touch Screen Compatible Gloves, in particular lovely leather gloves.


I love the look of these gloves. The patterning is simple but gives a great detail and texture to the leather. Thinsulate lining will keep your hands warm on those frigid winter days. One review mentions that these run small so be warned.


Another pair of leather gloves with touchscreen fingertips. The gold plated button on these gloves is the little detail that would make good interest with a gold buttoned coat. These aren't lined so a little less warm; might be better suited for fall wear in the brown colorway.


Another cute pair of leather gloves. These are lined with fleece for warm phone scrolling. The ruffles on the edge are so cute and give a great flirty feel to this leather piece.


These might not be gloves, but they're super adorable mittens. These have the phone compatible material on the thumb, pointer, and middle fingertip which is more than many gloves do. I love the cute snowflake design. Plus how cute does this couple look in all their matching winter gear? I couldn't leave these mitten out, if only for that.