Saturday, March 16, 2013

Inspired positivity

I read a blog post here, at Stuck with Pins. I love seeing Corinne's photography and graphic design, especially since she applies her talent to every day things. She also shares artists' work, to help them gain attention and to share the gorgeous work they're doing. I'm always a big fan of seeing people beautify the everyday.

Reading this particular post about the positive change that Corinne's creating for 2013, I thought that she had some great points. Please read her post on staying positive. Read more for my additional suggestions.

I do have some additional advice.

  1. Don't underestimate the effect of small kindnesses.
It can be very difficult to find the strength to be kind when it's not an established habit. It's hard be kind to strangers, much less the people that you don't like. But starting small with your kindness is still valuable. 

Something as small as a smile to someone on the street or giving directions to a tourist can make a big difference in that person's day, even if it only seems like a tiny thing to you. 

Work your way up to being kind to your friends on a bad day. Maybe bring them lunch if they seem too busy to eat or give them your full attention for an hour of complaining. 

     2. Add a positive to the negative; Make a fresh start

With the skills of kindness to strangers and friends, you can try to be kind to people you dislike. First, give them the benefit of the doubt. It may be impossible to see where they're coming from, but for a week assume that they mean well. This is something I do to keep my irritation at bay.  

Once this is within your grasp, forget about all the previous irritations. Just clear the slate! Don't forget what they did. If they messed up a report or hurt you, remember to be cautious. But let go of the negative emotions that go with that. Try to stop complaining about it. When you want to complain about that one time they did that one thing, talk about what you learned from the experience. 

     3.  Complain: Compliment

If you can't stop complaining, make a deal with yourself: for every complaint, you have to compliment someone or something. 

I rely on my tumblr for getting out my anger and frustration. I couldn't stand to give it up. So when I write something negative or complain about something, I also spend as much time working on a blog post here, to give appreciation. 

     4. Appreciate self-love

Often, people think of self love as selfish. But it's a part of self-care, right there with eating right and showering. It's something that you need! You will shrivel up without caring for yourself. 

Plan in your self care. As I mentioned in my post on my day planner, at the start of the year  I sprinkle moments of self love through out the year. What works for you may be different. I have religious friends who can't do work on Sunday and so dedicate that day to relaxing and the self-care that can be overlooked in the week. 

And let me just emphasize: Drink water! It makes such a difference!

     5. Appreciation and Thankfulness

Write down what you like. Say thank you. It's a matter of slowing changing your perspective that will make the difference.
Look at what you have rather than what you're missing. Your feeling will change quickly.