Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Asuaka Figurines

I'm actually a big fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Like a really big fan. So big of a fan I paint my nails based on Asuka.
My favorite character has to be Asuka since I relate to her a lot. We have very similar stories and deal with our difficulties in the same way. I want to be as courageous as she is one day; to be able to put up a strong front even in times of greatest pain is a goal of mine that Asuka gives me inspiration for.

I already own two figurines of her but still I want more. It's a bit ironic considering her aversion to puppets.
One was a Christmas gift from my foster family. It is of this calendar illustration.

The other was my first purchase of a figurine. I got it at Otakon and was super proud of it.

I'm very excited for the upcoming Sega prize figurine of Asuka. She looks perfect, especially the sculpting on the hair. It really looks like it's floating. Not to mention how great a pose that is for showing off her affected confidence.

I enjoyed the prize versions of Panty and Stocking. I'm looking forward to putting the figure on reserve. It looks gorgeous and ought to have a decent price. Wish me luck in the battle to reserve one! I'm going to do my best to work and save up for it!

I'll post about the second figurine my foster parents gave me. It seems to be becoming a tradition.