Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Asuka Inspired Nails

I did some Asuka themed nails. Check out the figurines of her that I have on this post!

I'm sorry that I'm not very good with nail art. Someone with more skill, please, do this with more skill!

Still, I think that this design looks super cute.

I used three colors based on her plug suit: Red, Green, and Gold.

The red is by Elf.
Green is Sally Henson Insta-Dry.
Gold is so old I don't even know what it is. It's very old and kind of towards the end of it's life so I think I'm going to get a new gold color soon.

First, I did a two coats in the red color, to get a strong base.

Then, I used scotch tape to section a diagonal along my nail.  I also went to desk, so there's a different background in my picture...
A suggestion for using tape on cheap nail polish: rub the tape along your jeans or any fabric to remove some of the stickiness. The less sticky tape will still stop overlap of paint but won't pull off the coat underneath.
I painted with gold and quickly removed the tape.

I carefully taped out a V for the green section on the collar of Asuka's plug suit. Painted with green and quickly removed the tape.

I also did a design on the ring finger with the same method and colors but different design.
Finished up with a top coat. Look at the final product! I think that this would be a great look for fall.