Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cuter Electronics: Cell Phone Straps

With my phone case, I actually don't use cell phone cases. But I used to so much during high school. I got really into them. Do you remember in Lucky Star when they talk about the girls getting strong arms because of their cell phones?
That was me!

I had so many. I loved getting my favorite characters from animes at cons. I'd switch them out based on what I was watching!

I gave the charms all away once I got the iPhone since the iPhone doesn't have a loop for charms, which was actually a big complaint I had when I first got the phone.

The one charm that I did keep I put on my camera. It's nice to have Miku keep me company when I'm filming.

This is the most similar thing that I could quickly find.

If you want to get cell phone charms, try these shops.

Tiger and white kitten charm DIY

For those of you that are into crafts and needle craft, this is a cute kit for you to make your own kitten charms.

Kawaii Shop
$5- $25

I love this shop and use it often for stationary and pencil cases. The cell phone charms are under "For Mobiles." My favorites are product codes: AY-83X01(shown above), AY-45401, AY-72801, and MK-2681X

I think that MK has to be my favorite since it's also a screen cleaner! When cute and use meet one another I get so happy.

Fluff ball with bells

This charm is so cute! It looks super cute. The shop has good feedback, even if there are only 6 reviews.

Lovely flower charm
$6, $10

These two charms are so cute. They come from the same shop which has a great sense of cute and sweetness. I don't know how I would choose. This must be the reason why I ended up with so many charms before.