Saturday, January 19, 2013

.Talk (Introduction)

What to know something strange?

I used to be ashamed of my period.

My mom was super open about it and talked to me quite early about pad, tampons, and how to deal with my period. But my grand mother had never talked to my mom about periods. It was a very different time when my grandmother was young; she conveyed a certain sense of ladylike privacy about menstruation  So there was only so much for my mother to say to me; she could only speak to me from her own experience. Despite my mother's best efforts, I didn't know that I shouldn't have a painful period. I wasn't afraid or anything, but I didn't know what I do now. My school had a basic class of puberty/sex ed starting in seventh grade, but I remember being so embarrassed by the terrible crinkling of pad and tampons in the bathroom, the way boys would grab girl's purse bags to make fun of their period products, and even the eternal fear and embarrassment of walking down the hall with stained jeans. Media adds to this pain: I remember reading the "Embarrassing Story" section of Seventeen magazine and having my horror about periods confirmed by the inclusion of certain stories.

There should be no embarrassment about having a period. If you are a woman who is has reached puberty, you should be having your period. It's natural and normal. 

There was a moment where I had a realization: I was sick and tired of trying to open my pads in silence. Everyone in the lady's room has had to or will have to open a pad or tampon. It's not surprising anyone- there are special trash cans in the bathroom specifically for them! I decided that there was no reason to be ashamed any more. Why was I waiting in a stall for everyone to leave in order change my pads? Why was I so worried about something all these ladies were going through once a month?

I've done a lot of reading and talking about menstruation, with friends and other women. Occasionally even the conversation with a guy friend. It's helped me to accept a natural process my body goes through. And I've realized that for many people there's a lot of ignorance about periods, sometimes even shame.

I want to share the information from talking and experience with you- I want you to have a better and easier time dealing with your period than I did.

You have nothing to be ashamed of!

So I'm going to be doing a small series called .Talk for Period Talk. Pretty clever huh? If you have questions on periods or other lady issues, you are more than welcome to comment and I'll do my best to make a post responding to your question or refer you to someone who can answer better than I can.