Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cuter Electronics: Dust Plug Charm

These are a new trend. You put these adorable charms in your audio jack. Supposedly, they keep dust and water out of your audio jack.
I don't know how effective they are at that...
But they are very cute!
I'm thinking of getting one. Let me know in the comments which one you think is cutest.


First thing, if you have a lot of cell phone charms from old phones, you can convert them to audio dusters with this. Super cheap!


These are super cute! I think that the bear designs are super trendy right now. This long chain one is more elegant. I really do like it. It's so hard to decide.

$3- $4

There are so many different styles in this shop. There are a of different charms for a ton of different fandoms. Like Naruto, Hunger Games and Harry Potter

Plus the shop has tons of positive feedback so feel safe making your order with them.


This audio jack charm from YesStyle is so pretty. It's a gorgeous dangling chain with lots of beautiful details. I really like the elegance that the charm has. My only concern would be the long chains getting caught on things in my purse!
But really all the charms by Miss Girl are so cute. Check them out!


You know a trend has gone mainstream when Forever 21 has a version of it. This little rhinestone heart shaped charm has a lot of spunk for the low price.


A moustache phone charm! Two trends in one. Another Forever 21 cute find.