Saturday, February 9, 2013

College Dorm Part 2: Organize your clothes

Before we start, take a moment for a bit of rest.

Enjoy your clean and fresh smelling room. This is where you're going to be spending your year!
You've got a warm bed and you're about to have a good place to set up and organize your clothes.

Unpack your clothes.

If you have a closet, now is the time to put your clothes in your nice clean closet. You most likely need to buy hangers. We all have preferences for hangers. The best of which are those felt ones or those with grips to prevent sliding.

I use these hangers from Amazon along with some from Bed, Bath and Beyond. A set of 50 hangers is merely $30.

If you have a dresser, figure out what drawer will be for each thing. Be sure to clean all the drawers quite thoroughly first. Dividers can be purchased or made due with shoe boxes.

Scent and Prevent

It's very important to prevent moths and other pests from getting in your clothes.

Get airtight containers for your seasonal clothes. Not only will it prevent moths but it will even save you space. As you'll see below, I keep my tights in an airtight container. Not pictured are the boxes of off season clothes that I keep on top of my closets.
Once the clothes come back in season, wash them again before hanging them up. With bleach and hot water is preferable, but the main purpose is to get the scent of plastic out.

Maybe even spring for some scent pouches for your drawers or drawer liners. I'd suggest getting cedar blocks to keep moths away and have a good scent ($21). Lavender is another option for keeping out insects.

I also use shoe boxes to store my winter socks; any sort of small box will do you well for organization. For the best is: they are entirely free.

Over the door hangers

These are a great space saver, especially for scarves, belts and towels. Before buying make sure that the over the door hanger will fit over your door. This one that I have doesn't fit over my door so I adapted to the situation: I fit it over my closet door.

Amazon ($25, $11 from left to right)

An additional tip: If your door hanger is a bit too large and wobbles, use tape to secure it or slide small pieces of cardboard to secure it, making sure that the cardboard is not on the side of the door frame.

Another option are command hooks. These are removable and bear great weight.

Door mirror

I'd also suggest getting a full length mirror for some where in your room. It seems quite difficult to sort out good quality from bad online, not to mention the difficulty of shipping glass. Some people do also leave mirrors when graduating so you shouldn't pick one up before seeing your room.

The best bet is to pick up such a mirror in Bed, Bath and Beyond or whatever local stores offer similar products.

Decorate your closet

Make your closet a place that encourages you to get dressed. I've put up art and a few cut outs from magazines to give me a bit of inspiration for outfits.

Organizing clothes like a store, keeping like styles of clothes together and even coordinating favorite outfits, can improve and speed up the process of getting dressed.