Saturday, February 23, 2013

New purse

I finally got a new purse!

This is a big deal because I'm the sort that uses the same purse for everything on all of the days. I don't switch up my purses for different outfits. So it's a very big commitment for me to buy a new purse; it's basically a two year promise to that purse to complete loving.

I got this purse from Mod Cloth. ($55)

It's a lovely mint color of false leather. The lovely color didn't translate into these photos very well but it's a very bright color. Let's open it up!

Even the top is a compartment. I'm not too sure of what you would put in here as it could only really store paper. 

The purse has a handle and detachable shoulder strap, for whichever way of carrying is prefered.

 I love the beautiful gold detailing and hardware; it really adds a little classic elegance to an unusual color purse.

But the lining keeps it playful. I adore the bright colors and silk. The pattern has cute little owls.
You can also see that it has some cute pockets on the inside. One zippered, two loose as well as the outside pocket.

Here's a look of what's usually in my purse.

This is my old purse.

I love this purse. I relied upon it very heavily my freshman year at MIT. And it served me well. It's actually very funny, because a girl in my orientation group had the same purse in a different material. Mine is a worked leather; hers was a fuzzy green fabric. Commenting on our matching purses was the start of one of my closest friendships; turned out she was in the same freshman advising program.

The problem was that it falls off of my shoulder when I'm wearing a winter jacket.

Here's a secret: You wear a winter jacket a lot when you live in Boston.

So I wanted to get an over the shoulder bag that wouldn't fall off. I've seen the pastel trend for bags all over the lolita fashion community, but I didn't think that a pastel pink heart shaped bag would quite do it for my everyday needs. Something that was a lovely pastel and would go with a lot of my blue themed basics, that was my goal.

I was going through ModCloth and saw this purse. I simply had to have it, especially since there were less than 10 left. I made the purchase and am totally happy with it.

There are some similar styles from Mod Cloth to check out.

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