Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cuter Electronics: Laptop skins

So many people have lovely laptop bags, but very few people take the time to get nice decals for their laptop. I love having a nice decal for my laptop; it makes my desk look cute even when I leave my laptop out on it. When I go to cafes or the library, it serves as a good conversation starter.

Society 6 Laptop Skins

This style is a sticker type so you have to stick it onto your laptop. Smooth and a little bit glossy, it captures the art printing and color quite well. 
It's pretty easy to apply with the vinyl, took me less than 10 minutes to do, but I did go with a bit of caution. Apparently they're removable, but I haven't tried to remove mine. 
The decal holds up pretty well. I've had small water spills on it; I also carry my laptop in my backpack. So far no scratches or stains since the summer. 
The shipping is pretty fast, as I remember. The skin comes in a thin package, but has a bit of bubble to it to keep it safe from folding. 

The laptop skin that I have is this one, Till the Last Petal falls.


This part of a series of tatto or pin up style Disney princesses, including slave Princess Leia.
Yes, Leia is a Disney princess.

I love the detail on his art along with the relaxing color palette for this piece. The tattoo that Belle has of the Beast is a super cute touch. I'd recommend this to all of you!


By the same artist. I love the mohawk design of Storm. She's such a cool comic book character, but she looks even cooler here with her awesome punk vibe. This would make a great gift for any Marvel fans!


A different artist. I love all of her prints. This artist has so many pieces to choose from, including a number of fan artworks for Sherlock, Avengers, and other Disney movies. I love her painterly style and the dynamic colors that she uses. I really feel like I can see the glimmering and flickering on the lights on this piece. Great for a large laptop size; I imagine that friends might get a little lost looking at this art while you work.


Another site that sells laptop skins. Removable for your convenience and protective too! The color is quite intense with a slight gloss to the skin. I don't own any of these but find these designs to be quite lovely.



I wonder if laptop decals are ever going to catch on outside of the intense laptop crowd. 

Which designs did you prefer?