Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cuter Electronics: Wireless Mouse

I'd suggest add on mice for laptops. They have all sorts of designs; often laptop tablets are a pain for your hands after hours of scrolling through tumblr. I should know.


There are lots of designs to choose from, these and more. They also cary these at Target, but I think that Amazon has more designs to choose from via the comfort of your home. 

I'd recommend this, a pleasure of easy use. These all have very good reviews, as far as comfort for the hands and a long battery life. I have this sort and picked it up at Target right before the start of the year. The mouse works quite well as far as tracking movement and has kept it's battery since I first purchased it. Plus you can turn the mouse off to save the battery life. For storage, you can store the USB in the mouse to keep from losing it. 

What's super fun is that if you and a friend get this type of mouse, the two of you can trade off. Watch out for your friend to pull pranks on you if you don't keep track of when your mouse is plugged in.

Hello Kitty Mouse and pad

Logitech Wireless mouse with larger USB

The only difference between this and the one above is that this one has a larger USB and slightly lower price. Once again: you can store the USB in the mouse; enjoy long battery life and easy use; get via amazon quick shipping.


I figured that this would be a great mouse for the elegant modern types, the types who like to imagine that they are in Star Trek, reboot or old school. 

Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet Alternative

This is a super cheap tablet, especially considering the specs that this tablet boasts. With pressure sensitivity, you can uses this for drawing or just internet surfing. Artsy types have been using tablets for a long time; this type comes with a good recommendation even for drawing.  This comes with some software in particular ArtRange software. If the software isn't enough, there are plenty of free online softwares for drawing. Make sure you get drawing programs that recognize pressure sensitivity to take full advantage of the tech you're paying for.